The Apex Merchant Group Scam- Truth Or Bad Publicity?

Before getting into a financial engagement with any firm, it is natural for one to ask around and look to the internet to get a background check done. When it comes to the APEX Merchant Group, the internet is rife with complaints and negative reviews about how merchants and agents alike have been cheated and inconvenienced by them. The word ‘scam’ is big in the financial industry. It is common knowledge that any company associated with it and its synonyms compromises on a large chunk of its customer base. But who really gives these labels? And how much credibility do they have?

APEX Merchant Group provides payment processing services for debit cards and credit cards, electronic check conversion and other e-commerce solutions. The company has grown over the past several years, is currently hiring in large numbers and is known to give employees ample scope for personal and social advancement. Choosing the right merchant group becomes important in a world where dud transactions seem to be lurking in every corner. The group approves your electronic transactions and collects the payments for you. It deals with all frauds on its own, ensuring that you get paid for it if it were approved. APEX hasover 25 years of experience in the Payment processing business and is increasing its market shares in the direct sales market.

Reading between the lines…

Almost every company has to face the wrath of unsatisfied customers. Sometimes there are misunderstandings, sometimes genuine mistakes on the part of the company. Frustrated customers vent out their anger publicly on online social platforms, at times in several places at once, often making a mountain out of a molehill. They may have not read the terms thoroughly, been misguided by the agents who rely on commission or chosen the wrong strategy for their business. Many times, the issues are resolved but the customer does not follow up where he initially complained. Positive experiences are rarely reported and the negative ones steal the thunder.

APEX Merchant Group, like many others in the business, relies on hiring and training agents who get in touch with clients in return for a commission. If an agent goes rogue, it is the company that is blamed. All organizations have to deal with unhappy employees. Some of these express their feelings out in the open.Competitors take advantage of situations like these and further add fuel to blow the matter out of proportion. One can spot many on forums and other websites suggesting alternate merchant groups.

If the APEX Merchant Group scam had some truth to it, the government would make sure it shut down. So when you are looking at a bunch of ‘BEWARE’ opinions, maybe you are just hearing less than a hundred unhappy people in a sea of thousands of others. The APEX group themselves are trying hard on their part to reach out to people and amend the errors in response to the scam reviews. They also acknowledge that there is plenty of scope for improvement and customer satisfaction is of prime importance.

Why should you still go with APEX Merchant Group?
APEX Merchant Group takes pride in their customer service. They sell custom devices that enable clients to get in touch with customer service, order paper and add services just with the click of a button. Satisfied customers claim to have saved a lot of money. Employees say the job gives them the freedom to work the way they like with their client and helps build contacts and relationships that go a long way. The very forums that lash out at the company have posts by hundreds of prospective employees interested to join the group. The group is ambitious and wants to take their customer relationships and customer base to a whole new level.

When facing the question of APEX Merchant group, one must keep an open mind. A fraudulent company wouldn’t have lasted more than a year or two in the market and wouldn’t have grown at such a fast pace with so many customers. It is very important that facts are properly verified. Every company has its ups and downs, this one did too. Put dated views behind and give the more recent opinions a chance.

Customers around the world are choosing card based payments (credit, debit and gift cards) instead of using cash and checks. The payment processing industry has grown by 14% over the last decade. Growth in customer acceptance, higher production of debit cards and growth in merchant acceptance are leading to a significant rise in online debit card transactions. As the internet and wireless acceptance grows, we can expect tremendous growth in the payments industry in the years to come. APEX Merchant Group definitely seems to have a bright future, and with it, so do you.